A downloadable game

A short game made for a jam.
Try to get out of the medical facility known as "Dreamplace".
Explore, find and read the notes to solve the puzzles.


Quiet.zip 96 MB


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Really Solid game. I experienced some bugs, and there are some spelling mistakes, but that's just nitpicking really. Overall really good and responsible for one of the biggest scares I've had during these Jams so far. Thanks for the great time!

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I appreciate your feedback!!, thanks for playing the game :D, i'll fix the bugs and the spelling mistakes!

found it, played it, uploaded it, It scared the hell out of me!! Good job!!!!

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Im glad you liked it,Thanks for playing and for the feedback :D!

No prob zeny, I loved it, did you watch the full vid???

Yups XD favourite was 8:45 and 11:27 of it XD!!

Your channel is great! keep it up!!

Thank you zeny!! Feel free to support my channel if you want! Keep up the good work!

Good game! The notes were well done. Tells the story great. This game has potential. It took me a while to get the password 

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Thank you so much for playing ^-^!

After the jam i will continue to work on this game and add more gameplay mechanics.

Hey Z3ny, thanks for submitting Quiet to SCREAM JAM 2019. Looks like a great horror experience! Unfortunately, one of the jam's rules is that a game should be made mostly in the jam period, to encourage specific engagement with the jam/theme. We appreciate your interest in the jam but, as it was submitted to other jams and released very close to the jam start, we decided to take it down as a submission. Sorry! 

No worries, i made this game for the Japanese horror jam and then i saw the scream jam, i didn't read the rules and submmited the project ,sorry by that! Next time i will be participating in the jam with a new build from scratch game.

Thanks for understanding. Hope you enjoyed the J-Horror jam! This looks PERFECT for its theme